3 crypto coins with 100x potential cryptocurrency for beginners 2022

What I will tell you in this article will give you an idea in which currency we should invest but whatever currency I will tell you is only for education purpose the coin I will be taking about in this article are extremely risky because Their adoption is not that much yet but they also have high massive upside. So before deciding to invest in there we would request you to do your own analysis.

Verasity coin

Let’s talk about the 1st coin : verasity token. Before talking about it I want to ask you something. What is the number 1 problem faced by youtube right now? Let me tell it is monitoring their ads. See there are 3 types of parties on platforms like 1youtube 1st is amazing viewers like you, 2nd is content creators like me, and 3rd is the advertisers from which youtube earns money If the parties are happy, then your experience will be spoiled, then you will not be able to earn money if you do not enter veracity.

Verasity has come out with a model which makes all the 3 parties happy. Let me explain you how. Going forward you will see a trophy like symbol in top right corner of youtube videos when any add play in video and if you watch 80% of ads then trophy symbol will turn green and you will get veracity token in your vera wallet account.

You will be able to do all vera coin just click on symbol. You will earn tokens as many ads as you see of course you will still be able to skip the ads, but those who wish to earn these tokens can watch them. They have also integrated with the biggest video platform like YouTube, twitch, vimeo, jwplayer, brightcover, videoJS, kaltura, flowplayer and etc. Verasity has also partnered up a lot of game like- PubG, DOTA, counter strike which will be a game changer.

Cosmos coin

Our next pick will be : cosmos with their ATOM Token. Cosmos is popularly known as the internet of blockchains. Right now the biggest problem in crypto space is that there are a lot of blockchains operating on different technologies. Cosmos enable different blockchains to talk to each other.

Basically it wants to make blockchain technology a little simpler for the developers.

How they will do this by creating and connecting these different zones As you see there are 3 to 4 different hubs made up of cosmos hub, IRIS hub, sentinel hub all of these are connected with different blockchains and ultimately all these hubs to each other Also connected is cosmos building its own blockchain by the name of sagan, which will be used for application testing.

The biggest risk with cosmos is that it has a lot of competitors in its market and there are some whose market cap is even higher. but one of these tokens will take off big time when cryptos become a little more main stream and cosmos can be used as a sort of hedge against polkadot.

Compound coin

Our last pick is : compound with its COMP Token. You must have been hearing about DEFI for a long time. Well compound is short of like the first company in the decentralized finance space compound whose objective is to remove banks as an intermediary.

We know it’s a pretty big statement to say, but let’s see what the compound is doing in actual to achieve this. Compound has introduced a very simple concept of yield farming. If you have any crypto coin and you wish to hold those coins sometime. You can give your coins on loan on compound as you do FD in bank.

And in return compound will give you Comp Tokens as interest payment. So basically compound will compound your coin. You can either withdraw from these tokens in the form of other coin purchases, or they can also be withdrawn in the form of actual money in any crypto exchange.

On the other side any one can borrowers from compound without any credit score check or without any documents using your crypto currency which will be used as a security and you will get a more non-cryptos against your slightly less non -coins. Ao this is how compound is trying to democratize the pressure of lending and brobbowing with any bank in the middle.

But there is one risk with this platform – although the platform has already grown significantly with $10 billion dollars of cryptos exchanged but there is a chance that you may have deposited your crypto and they may not have enough liquidity when withdrawing. So you may take some time to withdraw.

But this problem should be resolved as the platform keeps getting bigger. Coinbase has invested in Compound which is one of the largest global crypto exchanges. Like other coin, its also risk is that it also has a lot of competitors like Uniawap, Avalanche, etc.

That’s it. These are our 3 picks for coins which could go 50-100K in the next 3 years .



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