Best altcoins cryptocurrency for beginners 2022

The coins we will talk about in this article are quite high risk (not as risky as meme coins) but these coins have the potential to literally go 100-200X from here in a very short time. The coins I will tell in this article are for knowledge only and not a recommendation that you should invest in it. You must have come to know that we prefer those cryptocurrencies which have clear use cases. In this article we will talk about three coins

Enjin crptocurrency

Our 1st pick in this category of high risk coins would be : Enjin Most of us know that video game is a big industry in itself and gaming industry is one of the earliest adopters of cryptocurrencies. Enjin is a cryptocurrencies launched in 2017 and it runs on ethereum network. Basically what enjin is is integrating video games with blockchain technology using in-game items.

Now what does it mean that you must have played your pubg, now imagine that there is such an armour in pubg that makes life 10X using nehin coins you will be able to buy that armour as an NFT. let say armour which is limited in pubg and bought 500 enjin coins like this armour, now because such armours are limited then their demand will increase, so the armour NFT who bought his 500 coin, he sold his 5000 enjin coins Diya this is exactly how gamers are making crazy amount of money using the enjin platform.

But what is so special about enjin that we are picking this? You must have heard the metaverse announcement of your facebook. Nehin is hoping to make the complete NFT universe for video games including a game library, a separate app story for NFTs, etc.

If enjin is able to do even 10% of this, this currency will explode in the future. But it has become a matter of future, now let us also see how this company has performed so far. Enjin is already one of the largest players in the game NFT ecosystem. Even Microsoft is using the nehin network to release games on the engine platform.

Already more than 70 games have been developed on the enjin platform but like all the coins, this coins is also full of risks. Nehin’s success depends on the success of both ethereum and NFTs. NFTs are really hot in crypto space right now, but we don’t even know what will happen to enjin when it comes to better technology. 2nd risk is that there are a lot of competitors like – decentreland, axie infinity in the similar space.

Fliecoin crptocurrency

Our 2nd pick in the category of high risk coin would be : Filecoin We absolutely love the use case of this coin it is integrating blockchain for file storage On hearing this we are immediately reminded of torrent network. Filecoin also works in exactly the same way, now all of us have data or files stored on some cloud using filecoin instead of file. Can give to and you will return paid filwcoins.

Effectively filecoin is like airbnb for data storage. Basically if you rent a house or flat in airbnb, in these you will rent extra space of your system but what is special about filecoin that is in of over list. Filecoin is already the largest player in this space with a market cap of $8.5 Billion dollar. There is already 2.5 billion GB data store on their network so clearly filecoin is ahead in the race for storage solution.

But there is one very high risk with this coin now cloud storage companies such as amazon, or google earn a lot of money from this business so filecoin is directly in competition with both Amazon & google. Filecoin is also getting a lot of competition from another coin called ‘Theta’. That is a decentralised platform for videos (basically youtube’s competition) and this coin has gained a lot of traction this year.

Polygon cryptocurrency

Our last pick in this is : polyGon matic. Polygon went live in 2020 as a competitor to the ethereum network and is the largest crypto project from india. Polygon removed 2 drawbacks in ethereum 1st high transaction cost and 2nd complex to use and simplified both of these polygon gets add like a layer on top of ethereum network which makes ethereum blockchaim 100 times better

basically polygon ams to scale ethereum and effective and extremely low cost menar polygon is amongst the 20 top cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $13 billion dollars. Polygon has also tied up with a number of blockchain projects for scaling COVID-19 related data. Polygon matic has already been adopted by over 400 apps and nearly 790000 unique users.

But the biggest risk of polygon matic is that it is also facing stiff competition from polkadot, cosmos, and avalanche. Many of these coins are ahead of the polygon matic in adoption but it is extremely hard to predict which coin will survive how long.

That’s it. These are picks for high risk return cryptos


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