Best cryptocurrency to invest beginners in 2022

Whatever I will tell you in this article, you will be able to get an idea in which currency we should invest, but whatever currency I will tell you is only for education purpose personally, over the last 1 year I have allocated 5-7% of my portfolio in cryptocurrencies

If you are also new to cryptocurrencies then you should invest only as much as there is no change in your life currently there are more than 6500 cryptocurrencies but in this article only I will tell you about 5 best cryptocurrency and you Please tell how much % should be allocated accordingly as this is an ideal portfolio for someone who’s just starting out with cryptocurrencies.

Vechain crptocurrency


Our 1st pick would be vechain , and is me we would like to allocate 10% this is one of my favorite cryptocurrency with the most visible use case. Vechain is a blockchain platform that solves problems with supply chain management.

Let me explain this currency with a small example suppose you saw an expensive perfume on some website and before buying you would like to know if it is genuine or not because nowadays there is a lot of duplication currently there is no way to verify Whether the perfume you are ordering is genuine or not but with the help of vechain you will know exactly whether

it is genuine or not through the blockchain supply chain me blockchain will give the whole thing that your product came from the factory Where is it stored, when is it packaged and you will get all its details in your phone.

The use of vechain technology increases a lot in those products where there are chances of duplicacy like luxury watches, designer clothes, expensive furniture etc using this technology both customer and brands can be sure don’t any problems ,

then the product which are reaching customers are genuine vechain is already being used by big company like – BMW, walmart&DHL which gives it further legitimacy. The only risk with vechain as an investment is since this technology is easy to replicate but since vechain has an early advantage and they also some big companies already under it’s belt we think it has a fair shot of expanding in the future.

Polkadot crptocurrency

Our next pick is polkadot, and we would like to allocate 10% right now there are a lot of blockchain operating and a lot of them are operating on different technology polkadot could be thought of as like the internet of blockchains that means polkadot enabled all the different blockchains to interact with each other.

Polkadot is created by Ethereum cofounder Gavin Wood in our opinion this coin has the potential to explode big time in the near future within a very short time Polkadot with its dot coin has skyrocketed to the 8th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of US$42 billion.

But obviously this is not completely risk free polkadot also has a lot of competitors even though polkadot is the most likely solution if different blockchain start talking to each other but with things evolving so quickly. Some other superior technology should come in its place because of the risk involved we are only allocating 10% to polkadot.

Solana crptocurrency

Our 3rd pick would be solana and we would like to allocate 15% solana along with cardano are popularly know as ethereum killers. That is taking things a bit too far but there are some genuine merits in these technology solana and cardano are both better than ethereum in transaction speed and average fee par transaction. Let me show you a comparison of all competitors in one shot

  Solana Ethereum binance PolkaDot Cardano Taron
Transaction every Second 65,000 15 100 1000 270 1,000
Avg. Fee Per Transaction $.0015 $15 $0.01 $1 $0.25 free
Transaction Latency 0.4 sec -15 min 75 sec 2min 10min 3sec
Number of Validators 702 11,000+ 21 297 2,376 27
Total Transaction 15 Billion 1.07 Billion 227 Million 1.7 Million 5.9 Million 1.7 Billion

In our opinion solana is not exactly a competitor of ethereum or vardan there is a big enough market to accommodate all 3 with different use cases. Solana has already reached a market cap of $50 Billion dollar and it is no longer a new currency and this is why we would like to allocate 15% to solana


Our next pick would be ethereum, and we will allocate 25% to this let me explain you what is ethereum and enter coin in very simple words As there is electricity grid which now supplies electricity to homes which is a virtual grid which is not only electricity in your homes but also phone network, wifi network supplies everything this virtual grid is ethereum and is just one of coin running on that ethereum grid Grid is ethereum and technology used in transferring in smart contracts.

By using this virtual grid and smart contracts one can create his application there are more than 3000 decentralized app running on ethereum currently. Which is why we think that ethereum has a lot of merit and here to stay people Are concerned with the speed of transaction and high fees in the case of ethereum but all of these have already been addressed in ethereum 2.0. that you could even run bitcoin on ethereum owing to all of this we are allocating 25% to ethereum


Our last pick would be bitcoin and we will be allocating 40% to it. Bitcoin is the oldest and biggest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $1.2 trillion dollars. This is 50% of total market cap of all the cryptocurrencies combined.


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