8 Free earning apps to make money online without investment 2022

In this article, I will tell you about 8 such mobile applications, using which you can earn thousands of rupees every day sitting at home and for this you will not have to pay any money from your pocket and all these applications will be genuine and we will talk about it step by step.

Step by step, you will know about each application, how you will earn money from which app and which app will give you how much money, how much money you will get, whatever application you download, I will tell you in this article. Somewhere you must have heard their name too.


You must have heard about it somewhere or seen it in TV ads, you can pay whatever credit card you have through cred and in this the card whose payment is due is also visible and your payment is UPI. Or can be done by any mode, when we buy anything from credit card, then you get some points from credit card side but this company is cred if you pay credit card bill through this then you will get some money too.

If you refar this app then you get Rs 750 and if you pay bill from it then you get Rs 250 and every time you refar it you will get Rs 750 like shear it to your 10 people If you do, you will get Rs 7500.

2. IND Money

In this you get multiple benefits, in this you can also invest inside US stocks, in this you get amazon stocks of Rs 150 by referring you, you can also sell these as many people as you add, you will get Rs 150 as many times.

3. Upstox

With this you can earn a lot of money, many people have also earned lakhs of rupees from this, you can open your account on it by referring and earning, but in this you will not get a free account, mostly you will get paid, now if opening a free account.

If you do not have an account on upstock yet, then you open it quickly, if it is paid, then you also get different benefits along with it, sometimes you give free digital gold or stocks, in this you refar and earn on different time every time. There is a different offer, sometimes it is available up to Rs 500, 800, 1200, on referring, you also get money for shear every time, suppose if the offer is running for 1200 and you refer it to only 10 people then you will get 12000 ₹ will get.

4. Angel one

In this, you open your demat account, then through the demat account you are opening here, you can trade in the upstock market, then this is opening your demat cum trading account, in this you get a scratch card of 5000 on referring you and The scratch card of 2000 to whom you will refer, you are getting 5000 ₹ on referring and these offers keep changing.

5. Paisa

5 paisa has a very easy plan, you go to 5 paisa and open an account, you get 500 ₹ for referring it, in this also you get 500 ₹ every time you refer

6. Groww

Groww also has a very simple plan, if you go to groww and create your account, then you will get 100 ₹ and every time you refer it to 100 ₹, you will continue to get 100 ₹, in this, you can refer as many people as you want.

7. Coin DCX

In this, if you create your account, then you get 100 ₹ crypto, on referring it, you get 100 ₹ crypto, you can do this to as many people as you want to refer, every time you will get the amount.

8. Coin switch kuber

Coin switch kuber is very easy, in this you get only 50 ₹ for referring you and you can refer it only to 25 people in a day means you can earn 1250 ₹ in a day.

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