Top 10 coin for Long-Term worlds most all time favourite for all crypto investor 2022

Today in this article we are going to talk to you about which are the top performing coins which we can put in our portfolio and earn good profit. And this token is absolutely safe because there are many such tokens in crypto whose it is not possible to predict the ups and downs. But now we have come up with some science out of 7500 coins. This is one such top performing coin that you can buy anytime in any season. And you can invest in them for long time.

So we are going to talk to you about some such special coins which can be for long term investment. Because crypto is going to be updated a lot in the coming eleven 2 year, you can not guess that right now. The next 5 year that are seeing the state of crypto right now make you think expensive. Like bitcoin is expensive but not only for the next 5 but only two years, then whatever Price you are seeing today, there is going to be a different between the land and the sky. The day is not far when the price of bitcoin will cross even one million dollars.. Such things are possible in the coming time.

We are just in the very early stage, those people feel that it is too late, bitcoin and ethereum have overtaken too much but it will be cheaper for us when it is 2 years old. Later we will see it’s price that’s why out of those 7000 tokens we have brought out some tokens which you will keep in your portfolio for 2 years.

There are all those coins in which you do not have to be distributed that you have brought today and after 2 months and 6 months are thinking what will happen to them, the market is going down, is getting up, selling, nothing to do this is the coin that you have to buy and give up so that you can save some coins for the long term as well.

Being a friend, we are only giving you such advice that whatever you have done in crypto so far, but now do something in crypto that will give some such profit in the next 2 years. That you think yes it could have given me such a huge profit. In this, the market jas gone in 2% and 10% dip now, remove it from your mind. Whether this market has gone into a dip, buy now or stop. These coins are such that whenever you feel that you have to take an entry according to your own, there is no chance on it. Let’s go down a little more, now let’s go down a little more, we did not bring those tokens. They have brought what you have to carry for the long term. This article is specially for long term investment. That is going to be useful for all these tokens for the long term for the next 1 or 2 years. So listen very calmly to what are those tokens and what is the story behind them. So, first of all, let’s start with this market. There I am telling you 10 best long term investment token.

Pancake swap coin

The first token is called pancake swap and what is it’s use case. Because the reason for the growth of each coin is what it is going to be used for. So this token is used because to swap all the coins of binance means any coin made from BNB then goes to be swapped on pancake swap it is used so much that the price it is showing right now is very low. And you cannot even imagine how much it is going to happen next. Sometimes it will go down but will recover very fast.

Vechain Coin

would like to allocate 10% this is one of my favorite cryptocurrency with the most visible use case. Vechain is a blockchain platform that solves problems with supply chain management. Let me explain this currency with a small example suppose you saw an expensive perfume on some website and before buying you would like to know

if it is genuine or not because nowadays there is a lot of duplication currently there is no way to verify Whether the perfume you are ordering is genuine or not but with the help of vechain you will know exactly whether it is genuine or not through the blockchain supply chain me blockchain will give the whole thing that your product came from the factory Where is it stored, when is it packaged and you will get all its details in your phone.

The use of vechain technology increases a lot in those products where there are chances of duplicacy like luxury watches, designer clothes, expensive furniture etc using this technology both customer and brands can be sure ki kahi pe kuch gadbad nhi hai , and the product which are reaching customers are genuine vechain is already being used by big company like – BMW, walmart&DHL which gives it further legitimacy.

Magic Coin

Polygon ie magic. And matic was found in enough dip to get people to buy. And then recovered very fast and matic is also for you long term it’s use matic to swap all the token of ethereum. So it has a good use case right now and it will have a good presences for a long time to come.

ICP Coin

ICP is still getting in the initial stage because it is downfall so far and started going up a bit from here in the coming time , according to which we have read its details, in all the thing. Icp is going a strong vision and working on it since 2016. And if it was launched in 2022, then in the coming 2-4 years you can comfortably see ICP in the top ten list.

Solana Coin

we would like to allocate 15% solana along with cardano are popularly know as ethereum killers. That is taking things a bit too far but there are some genuine merits in these technology solana and cardano are both better than ethereum in transaction speed and average fee par transaction. Let me show you a comparison of all competitors in one sho.

In our opinion solana is not exactly a competitor of ethereum or vardan there is a big enough market to accommodate all 3 with different use cases. Solana has already reached a market cap of $50 Billion dollar and it is no longer a new currency and this is why we would like to allocate 15% to solana .

Uniswap Coin

Now the burning of etheruem is started, this is the swap used for ethereum. If ethereum is to be swapped, the number one token is uniswap is uniswap and it is used frequently. When anything has positive impact on ethereum, uniswap users will get its effect and benifit. Here you can see how fast it has also been recovered.

Polkadot Coin

we would like to allocate 10% right now there are a lot of blockchain operating and a lot of them are operating on different technology polkadot could be thought of as like the internet of blockchains that means polkadot enabled all the different blockchains to interact with each other. Polkadot is created by Ethereum cofounder Gavin Wood in our opinion this coin has the potential to explode big time in the near future within a very short time Polkadot with its dot coin has skyrocketed to the 8th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of US$42 billion.

ADA Coin

Cardano whose native token is ADA the special feature of cardano because it is the least and people like it the most the reason behind it is, it works on proof of stake that means proof of stake is used for its mining. That’s why 72% of it’s holders because it is mined through staking.

BNB Coin

BNB is the native token of binance. Because it is a very potential coin. After that the coin which is next is our favorite. It’s name is BNB. BNB is the native token of binance. Now, what is use case? If you do anything in binance, it will be entered with this token. If you want to do anything anywhere, it will be done from this coin.

Ethereum Coin

we will allocate 25% to this let me explain you what is ethereum and enter coin in very simple words As there is electricity grid which now supplies electricity to homes which is a virtual grid which is not only electricity in your homes but also phone network, wifi network supplies everything this virtual grid is ethereum and is just one of coin running on that ethereum grid Grid is ethereum and technology used in transferring in smart contracts.

By using this virtual grid and smart contracts one can create his application there are more than 3000 decentralized app running on ethereum currently. Which is why we think that ethereum has a lot of merit and here to stay people Are concerned with the speed of transaction and high fees in the case of ethereum but all of these have already been addressed in ethereum 2.0. that you could even run bitcoin on ethereum owing to all of this we are allocating 25% to ethereum.

Bitcoin Coin

we will be allocating 40% to it. Bitcoin is the oldest and biggest crptocurrency with a market cap of $1.2 trillion dollars. This is 50% of total market cap of all the crptocurrencies combined. That your portfolio for long term.

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