Earn money online from mobile in 2023-2024

If you are a student and want to earn from mobile without any investment so that you can earn 30 to 40 thousand rupees a month so that you can bear your expenses in your college time, in this article I will tell you similar earning method with the help of simple task. You can earn a lot by doing these like – typing task, transcription, if you too in a genuine way without any investment.

Now let’s talk about these methods

Transcripting Earn money online from mobile -:

Now what is transcription, as if you have an audio file, a video file, you have to convert it by typing to text because people hire people to do this like you would see captions in youtube, basically those things People need this, this is called trancripting,

now the best platform to do this is rev.com is a transcription platform where you can sign up and on this you will get basic tasks like – audio file conversion, you will have to write the captain of the video, for this you will have to convert the file of basically 1 minute.

For this, you get up to $ 1.10, if you convert a file of 10 minutes into text, then you get up to $ 11, but you need high level language profeciency if you want to work on English then your English If you have basic knowledge then you will not get this work,

but if your knowledge is good in the language then you can earn a lot, along with this if you also know the language immediately like – French, Jerman You also get more earning for those things, if you get 1 dollar for a 1 minute video in normal language, then you get 2 to 3 dollars for the same language, if you have good knowledge of any language then you can do this work.

Earn money from website

In this, you have to choose the area of ​​your interest, which you have good knowledge or interest in and there you can create a website, once you have created your website, then you can monetize it and Google Adsense in a very good way.

You can also earn from affiliate market, now as far as website creation is concerned, then you can easily create it by using CMS like blogger or wordpress easily with simple click, for this you do not need any technical knowledge if we Talking about monetization,

you can apply free of cost in Google Adsense, you can start affiliate marketing for free, then you get the very best combination here but in this method you take more time but you can earn a lot more than this. You can earn up to Rs 1 lakh from this every month.

Refer & Earn

Most of the people are interested in this method refer and earn basically what happens if you have a mobile application or any platform, an offer is going on on that platform if you get people to sign up in it.

So you get some commission from there, you get money and there are many apps to do this like upstox, angel broking, grow app etc. Which definitely gives you some commission like upstox gives you Rs 800 now, angle broking gives you Rs 500, grow app gives you Rs 100, then you can earn money by shear apps like this,

if you refar and earn If we talk about benefit, then you can start earning this money very quickly, as soon as you link it with your mobile and your friend has created an account in it, you will get that money immediately and you can transfer it to your bank account as well. You can do it, but you can earn only as long as the offer is running.

Instagram marketing

In this, you will earn money by marketing from Instagram, in today’s time almost whoever has an Android mobile, they definitely use Instagram but they only use it to increase followers and chatting, very few people know that Instagram Money can also be earned from this,

for this you have to be interested in a particular area, you can start a page inside that particular area and with its help you grow odiyans once, once your traffic comes, after that you can do affiliate marketing.

You can earn very well by doing paid post or doing any paid celebration, in today’s time there are many people who take 10-10 lakh rupees for putting a post, that too on Instagram, just for this you have to top it. Have to do the work properly and you can earn a lot more than this.



Freelancing is basically what is suppose you have any skill, that skill can be anything like you know photo editing, video editing, you do typing very well, you come msexal, you can make a good presentation on power point.

So there are many people who do not have the knowledge of this but they need it, then they go to the freelancer and they ask them for help for that work and you get money in its return but here you have a skill. And you can earn using this skill, there are different platforms for this like fiber, upwork, freelancer, here you can create your account and put your skills and talk that if I know how to do this work.

Tell me if there is any work and here you can charge money according to your skill, as much as your skill is used, you can also earn money from it.

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