Top 10 countries with the highest crime rates 2023-2024

Top 10 countries with the highest crime rates 2023-2024 There are people in two worlds, good and bad.  Some people are very good and some people are very bad.  A country is created only by people.  As the people living in the country will be, so will be the progress and condition of that country. 

In this article we are going to see how different countries are doing.  How good and happy nature are the people of this country.  How strong are the laws in this country?  There are some countries where things like murder, rape and loot have become normal. 

There are some countries in the world where the crime rate is so low that people are barely living their lives.  You never know when an accident will happen with someone.  Are there any countries where the crime rate is so high and the police administration does not take action on it?  We are going to take all this information in this article.

Top 10 countries with the highest crime rates 2023

1. Syria 

Top 10 countries with the highest crime rates 2023-2024 Syria is counted as the most dangerous country today. The crime rate of this country is 67.48.  But today Syria was not always like this.  At one time, Syria was very popular because of its beauty.  It was also the largest country in Europe.  After the discovery of oil here, it was thought that this country would make great progress.  But from the year 1963 to 2011 emergency started in the country.  In 2011, a terrible war had to be faced.  There are two types of Muslim people in Syria, sia and suni. 

The government in the country belongs to the sia muslims while suni muslims are more in the country.  Sunni Muslim people want their government.  Crime, war and terrorism are also rampant in Syria.  Things like filth, kidnapping have become normal.  A large number of people are leaving Syria due to similar violence.

2. Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Most of the West Indies players have come from Jamaica.  But the country’s crime rate is increasing. Gang war and underworld, Mafia’s rule is going on.  It has become a normal thing for gangsters to have guns around.  Local people have lost their lives due to mutual hooliganism. 

Even the police administration is not doing anything to stop the gang war.  The crime index here is 67.84.  Due to this, the number of tourists coming here is decreasing.  If we talk about Jamaica’s culture change, it is a woman-dominated country.  Here female is the head of the house than male.  All expenses are done by women.

3. El Salvador

– El Salvador is the smallest and largest country in Latin America. In terms of area, the population of this country is also high.  However, the crime rate is continuously increasing here.  This country is also in the grip of gang wars.  Killing people and throwing them on the roadside is common here. In the year 2012, out of one lakh people, 105 people were murdered. 

But in 2020, this rate has shown a decrease of 20%.  Yet this country is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Because of this people are leaving this country.  Here people spend every day in terror.  The crime rate here has reached 68.65 in 2022.

4. Guyana

Top 10 countries with the highest crime rates 2023-2024 Guyana is one of the poorest countries in South America. Although the crime index here is 68.93, but this country is popular all over the world for its natural beauty.  Here you can see the most beautiful waterfall.  Along with this, you will get to see the green forest.  Even though it is such a beautiful country, people do not like to come here because of the increasing crime rate. 

They are taking over the country by throwing seas.  Drug trafficking is rampant in the country along with crimes involving children are on the rise.  The government does not take any decision on this because there is a lot of corruption in the administration. No work is done here without bribery.  People have to bribe the officer to file a complaint. 

South America is the only country where English is spoken.  A large number of Indians live here.  The British sent a large number of Indians here as slaves and generations of those people still live in this country.

5. Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a beautiful country made up of islands in the Caribbean. The most natural beaches are found here.  The country was once considered the best Caribbean country to visit.  But from the last few years, there have been many incidents like murder, theft and robbery.  A large number of youths are smuggling drugs. 

Due to this gang war is getting support.  A large number of Indians live in this country.  who were brought here for employment during the British rule.  The crime rate index of Trinidad and Tobago has reached 71.39.  Hanuman is revered in this country.

6. Honduras

Honduras is considered the most dangerous country in Central America. More than 20 murders occur every day in Honduras.  Sometimes there are so many murders in this country that one murder occurs every 15 minutes. 

Ten thousand people are killed here every year.  The two cities of Honduras, San Pendrosula and Tegucigalpa, are the countries with the highest murder rates in the world.  Apart from this, the incidents of drugs and human trafficking are increasing here.  Things like rape and loot have become common.  This makes the crime rate index of Honduras 74.16.  Poverty is also increasing among houndras.

7. South Africa

South Africa is a major destination for tourism in the world but the crime rate here is very high. In the year 2015, there were reports of 50 murders every day in this country.  In addition, in a research in the year 2016, there is 1 male rapist out of every 3 male in distributed cities of South Africa.  Because of this high rate of rape and murder, South Africa’s crime rate index is 76.06.  Climate here is very good throughout the year.  People here love to play football.

8. Afghanistan

Today, Afghanistan is under the control of the Taliban. Afghanistan is the only country in the world whose command is in a terrorist organization.  The history of Afghanistan is very old.  Till 17th century this country was under India.  People of Afghanistan could never live in peace.  The country continued to be at war, sometimes by Sofe Sun and sometimes by Neto and the Taliban.  Due to this, this country became famous as crime zone. 

Crime rate index of Afghanistan is 77.01.  Extortion, murder, kidnapping, opium smuggling have become common here.  The Taliban is in power in Afghanistan.  Since then the life of the people of this country became very difficult.

9. Papua

Papua New Guinea is the largest island nation in the world.  This country is popular for its beautiful nature beach, jungle.  The valid life here is very good.  But this country has become very dangerous for tourism.  Raping a female is a common thing here.  These crimes are being committed by tourists.  The crime rate index of this country is 81.19.


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