who discovered electricity full details in 2023-2024

who discovered electricity full details in 2023-2024 You know how important electricity or current is in our life.  Most of all, from small work to big work, we need electricity.  In daily life electricity is needed to charge mobile laptops, run fans, motors or large factories.  Nowadays, along with food, clothes, electricity is very important.

  How exactly was the invention of electricity?  Today in this article we are going to see who invented electricity and when.

Some adventures are the ones that change the world.  The invention of electricity changed our world.  Electricity was discovered, not invented.  Because electricity is already in the world.  As the invention progressed, so did the invention of electricity. 

We have learned in science that energy is never exhausted, it is converted from one form to another.  The discovery of electricity was contributed by many great scientists.  Many scientists studied and improved the invention of electricity over generations.  Electricity was not invented by any single scientist.

 Thales invention

who discovered electricity full details in 2023-2024 In 600 AD, Thales, a great scientist, discovered that a piece of glass or amber rubbed against silk or cat hair produced a powar.  This power attracts an object lighter than it.  Such as pieces of paper.  But not much attention was paid to this aspect.

Thales did a lot of research on this.  And discovered the science behind this.  Because glass or amber contains electrons.  Thales named his research as Electricity after some research. 

Benjamin Franklin invention

In 1772 Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning and sparks in the sky are the same form.  To experiment with this, he tied a string to a kite and attached a key to the string and started flying the kite in lightning storms. 

As the kite flew up, the electric shock from the kite travelled through the wet rope to the key and franklin also felt the electric shock.  From this he proved that the power and electricity in the sky are one and the same.  He risked his life to make this discovery.


Alessandro Volta

In 1800, the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta made a great discovery.  He discovered that electricity can also be generated through chemical reactions. 

He invented an electric cell that could generate electricity.  A volta ne is an electric battery made using positive and negative connectors.  Volt unit was named after these scientists.

After this invention in 1891 Michael Faraday did the most revolutionary work in the discovery of electricity.  He said that if a copper coil is moved back and forth by a magnet, it produces electricity. 

By using this experiment, in the year 1878 American scientists Thomas Edison and British scientists filament light invented Bulb in our country. 

Thomas Edison is still considered to be the inventor of the bulb.  But Swan invented it too.  But still DC current is used.  A voltaic battery was generating DC current. It had direct current.  The stakes were too high. 

One drawback was that DC current could be transmitted only in an area of ​​2 to 3 kilometres.  Wherever electricity is to be delivered, protection houses had to be built in every 3 km area.

Edison invention

who discovered electricity full details in 2023-2024 A great scientist was working in the audition company.  His name was Nikola Tesla.  Tesla knew very little about DC current.  It was working on AC current.  AC stands for Alternating Current.

  They wanted to create a safe current that could supply long distances.  When Tesla explained the whole experiment to Edison, he was asked to work on DC current only. 

After that, Tesla left Edison’s company.  He started working on AC generator and AC current.  Then in 1887, Tesla invented AC current. And this was such a current that it could be carried for a long time without any difficulty. 

In this way all the scientists have contributed a lot in the discovery of electricity.  Due to this we can easily use electricity today.  This has made our life easier.

When was electricity invented in India?

Where did electricity come first in India? 

Who invented electricity in India? 

In 1879, the first electricity in India came to the city of Kolkata.  In 1899, the first electricity manufacturing factory in India was located in Kolkata.  Then, in 1905, the production of electricity from diesel started in Delhi. 

After that, the production of electricity started slowly in other cities.  This is how electricity arrived in Bharat.  We have seen how electricity was invented, now let us see how we produce electricity today.  Today it is produced in 2 ways.  First is primary source and second is secondary sources.

 Let’s see what it is – primary source – such sources which are obtained from nature are called primary sources.  Like sun rays, air, sea waves.  These are the primary sources of energy.

  But it is difficult to use the same electricity from these sources.  Due to this, the use of these sources is greatly reduced.  But research is being done to use it on a large scale in Bharat.

 Secondary sources – water, coal, oil and gas are secondary sources of energy.  Almost all electricity is produced using these secondary sources.

These tools are widely used in India.  These sources are divided into different types of electricity.  Hydroelectric power plant, thermal electric power plant, diesel power plant, nuclear power plant are different types of plant.

  Interesting facts about electricity – Do you know that the electricity that falls from the sky is one million volts.  These cause a lot of damage when lightning strikes. 

The electricity coming into our house is only 220 volts.  In Bharat every year 2500 to 3000 deaths are caused due to lightning strikes.  According to a survey, 80 percent of those who die due to lightning are male and 20 percent are female.

Since electricity is a form of electricity, it is considered an invention rather than an invention.  If electricity was not invented in the 1800s or 1900s, this connection is very old.  An archaeologist’s search in 1930 yielded some things. 

Ancient battery’s from the Roman period were found in it.  Such battery’s were also found in bhagdad.  From this it is understood that there was a concept of electricity long ago.



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